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I also do limited "custom" work for other people. I also have a selection of origonal finish models which is updated and added to regularly so keep checking back! Enjoy your visit!

We are located at:
C Spots Miniature Horses  
Tammie Cappuccio -- Franklin, MA


C Spots Model Horse Page!

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Miniature Horses

Customs by Tammie Cappuccio ("TC")
TC The Crystal Fox
Appaloosa color
All other colors
TC Back Bay Brigadeer

Favorites of my personal collection
Step by step photos and info on creation of a new sculpture, molding and resin copies all done at home!
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Starlite Resin page  


TC Light Bright
TC Floxie Illusian
TC Bourbon Street Style
  Commission model
** This site represents photos of approx 20% of the customs I have done
Models shown on the following pages have been sold and are just examples of my work. Horses for sale are listed on the What's New and Sales page here
TC Fox's Rainbow Dragon